Are you a Cave Dweller?


Before posting a new blog today, I thought I’d take a quick poll: Are you a Cave Dweller? I am and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

No pressure, but if you have an idea for another poll or would like me to include info on a poll at another site, point me in that direction.


4 responses to “Are you a Cave Dweller?

  1. There are times I am ready to be a Cave dweller, especially after driving the motorcoach every day. But only for a short spell!. My fears of being permanently inside comes from a Medic call I had about 25 years ago. A young lady kept saying she is stopping breathing! But she refused to leave her parent’s house. This was an extreme case ! My wife and I have never been real social folk, spent most of our child rearing days doing things with the children when my Fire Department schedule allowed it! Our daughter Christie’s first trip was in our pop-up camper near Ocean City.. And in fact all 3 spent their 1st trip in that camper trailer. All this led on to softball and baseball in the spring, and soccer in the fall. Life turned into a nightmare as they aged- rebellion, police calls, and all 3 left home. The silence hurt, and fortunately ( sometimes not) all 3 returned home. Now both Sharon and I are in our sixties, still working, so home is our cave most of the year. But timeshare weeks and grandchildren in Delaware free us from the boredom of our cave.


    • I used to spend more time with my family, too, but it’s harder to get away now. My cave is my little haven where I can watch the sun rise through the palm trees in my backyard from the living room window and then set in the evening from my office window. It’s quiet and peaceful unless the dogs see a squirrel in the backyard and then I just open the back door and get out of the way.

      Thanks for posting a comment on Cave Dweller. I’m glad you came to visit and I hope to see you around.


  2. I am not a hermit (most of the time) but live in a cave with a view of the immediate world- so no, I do not have to turn to the internet to see if it is raining. But I am selective about what I flood my senses with- what I choose to experience including what news I spend time reading about. Some things are just not worth spending a second thought on. As one friend used to say- at the end of the day, will it really make a difference? Which is another thought in and of itself to contemplate from my cave.


    • Thanks for visiting us here at Cave Dweller and leaving a comment. You make a great point with being “selective about what I flood my senses with.” Perhaps it’s a common trait in Cave Dwellers: judicious selectiveness in our social interactions and outlets, and what we let into our caves and minds. I hope to see you around our cave!


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