Daily Archives: June 24, 2013

A Sea of Potential

I cast my intention into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the universe to work through me.  (A Meditation on Abundance: Deepak Chopra)

White Waves

I found this photo on Pinterest the other day and it has haunted me since. Not haunted in a bad way, but the image has lingered in my mind in a substantial way that brings my thoughts back to it often. In the early morning hours, I find myself awake, listening in the darkness for the sound of white waves on a golden shore and realize that my life is a vast ocean of endless possibilities, taking my hopes and dreams and intentions into its depths.

The ocean is just around the corner now, yet I seldom go. When I was living land-locked, I craved the sea: the salt, the sand, the water, the motion of the earth as it rocked with the tide. Now that I’m here, so close, I don’t feel its pull any longer. I don’t feel the need to dig my toes into warm sand or feel the lap of cool water on my feet and fingertips; I no longer feel the need to sit and ponder its mysteries or its origins. Somehow, the beach feels like home, no longer an adventure but a soothing backdrop to my life.

Perhaps my desire to be near the sea has been internalized. The sea is in me now, ebbing and flowing as I feel my life crash on the shore. It feels like that sometimes as I throw my message in a bottle out there, a book to ride the waves. They’re floating on the horizon, waiting to deliver their messages, waiting in the depths of possibility to be reborn.

Just for Fun!


Imminent bloom

I love dragonflies and this one looks like he’s waiting on the cusp of opportunity.   Lke me.