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Animals and Humans: A False Divide?

“We don’t just share our lives with animals; we are animals — a reality that we often choose to forget in modern Western culture. Research published in the June special issue of SAGE journal, Social Science Information (SSI), delves deeper into our relationship with other creatures, critically examining our own animal nature, and looking at how animals profoundly influence our culture — perhaps more so than we had initially thought.”  (from Science Daily 6/5/13)

A friend of mine, another Cave Dweller like me, sent me this link this morning. I’m not sure how it’s relevant to my quest to understand my desire to step away from 21st century society and the strange demands I feel it puts on me as a human/spiritual being, but it’s an interesting article.

 “To be human does not mean to have fled animality, but on the contrary to live within it and to let it live within us…we are animals and animals are us.” And that is an intriguing idea. 

In some respects, I think we’ve evolved beyond our early survive-by-the-seat-of-our-pants (or animal  skin shorts) mentality. Then again, sometimes I think we’ve simply learned to design better clothes and weapons, added more social structure for crowd control, and that we’re all Cave Dwellers at heart just trying to survive in our modern world.

What do you think?

On a Wednesday night . . .

The Challenge of Finding Success From Inside the Cave

Writing from inside the cave is relatively easy. Not that writing is ever a piece of cake, mind you, what with the revisions and edits and rewrites and all. But working from inside the cave is comfortable, loaded down as I am with books and Netflix and cable TV. Being successful at selling my writing from inside the cave is proving to be a much greater challenge, however, considering that the world of marketing exists partly in the outside world in personal appearances at book stores, and libraries, and reading groups, and largely on the internet within social media platforms. 

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

Social media is the absolute best way to sell books. It is. It must be. Everybody’s doing it! Even I have a Facebook author page for ColleenSayreWriter but I must admit, I don’t get much traffic. I have 107 “Likes” on my page after several months of pushing it out there. But I’m not discouraged simply because I believe that the people who are interested in buying and reading my books are people who don’t have Facebook pages or Twitter accounts or a presence on LinkedIn. And that’s perfectly fine with me. My challenge, though, is finding ways to reach people like me who happen to be my target audience. 

Hang in there. Help is on the way!

I did some research today while contemplating upcoming blog posts. It’s interesting to me the number of articles that are out there on the joys of living alone–while waiting to find the right person with whom to share your life. Or articles on how to cope after the loss of a loved one, how to hang on until help arrives in the form of family members or friends or a soon-to-be-found new loved one. But this is not cave dwelling. 

I think (I hope) I clarified in my first blog Welcome! that cave dwelling is not a life style necessarily experienced in solitude or isolation. Cave dwelling is simply the choice not to participate in never-ending bouts of social activity and finding pleasure in simply being: sometimes alone and sometimes in concert with other cave dwellers who either happen to live with us or have come out long enough to touch base with other cave dwellers. 

We can do this!

I’m not giving up and neither should you if your goal is to find a way to succeed from within the cave. Opportunities abound. They’re out there, and as I find them, I’ll share them with you. I hope you’ll do the same. Copy an URL address in the COMMENTS section and I’ll share what you find with my readers. I can even post it on Facebook for you if you don’t have an account, and all 107–wait, make that 108–friends can share in the spoils. 

I wish you a happy, quiet, peaceful evening–from my cave to yours. 


Are you a Cave Dweller?


Before posting a new blog today, I thought I’d take a quick poll: Are you a Cave Dweller? I am and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

No pressure, but if you have an idea for another poll or would like me to include info on a poll at another site, point me in that direction.



Living as a non-social being in a social world can be very uncomfortable–and frustrating. My name is Colleen and I am a Cave Dweller. 


What is a Cave Dweller? I define myself as a person who is caring, giving, loving, open, kind, and generous but who does not view being social as a just-for-fun activity or a contact sport. It’s as simple as that. I am an introvert, which does not mean that I am shy or socially inept. It simply means that given the opportunity to get out of the house to go a movie with a group of people, 9.75 times out of 10, I will choose to stay home. In my sweats. With a good book. It also means that I don’t mind being alone, eating alone, or living alone–even within the structure of a relationship.

I don’t like to get dressed up and go out. I don’t like to shop in malls or outlet stores. I have to psyche myself up to go to the grocery store and even after changing out of my sweats and into my jeans (and one of six brown t-shirts), it is incredibly easy for me to talk myself out of actually getting into my car and pulling out of the garage–unless I need coffee or coffee creamer or coffee filters. In that case, I’m willing to brave the waving neighbors and the friendly clerk so that I can buy my supplies and hurry back to my cave. 

Cave Dwellers on the Internet

I am a homebody at heart–even on the internet. I’m happy just to hang around my old familiar browser, haunt my favorite websites, check out movies and my horoscope and email my family and friends. Everywhere I turn, I see invitations/demands to like me, tweet me, post a comment, be my friend when all I really want to do is read and play and laugh at funny videos without the pressure of having to be social or share my online experience.

Does this sound familiar?  Are you a Cave Dweller, too?

  • Do you feel like you don’t fit in at gatherings?
  • Do you find yourself alone in your own thoughts in the middle of a crowd?
  • Do you surf the internet, read blogs, or visit social gaming sites but never post?
  • When forced to leave the house, do you find yourself anxious to just get home so you can get into your favorite sweats and shake off the social-interaction requirements of the day?

Don’t worry. I’m not going to ask you to click on anything or actually answer these questions but I think we might have a lot in common. In fact, I believe that there are many, many people out there just like me for whom cave dwelling is perfectly fine as a way of life. And it is for those people like me that I’d like to create a no-pressure zone, a place where Cave Dwellers can gather and point to things of interest. Funny things. Geeky things. (Although not all Cave Dwellers are geeks and not all geeks are Cave Dwellers.) This is NOT a site for explicit adult material or rude behavior. It is my intention to create a safe zone free of pressure to be liked, where anyone and everyone who feels like they are “other” can find a place to just be. So, take a breath, feel free not to comment, and come back often. I’ll be here, snug in my cave.

Next post: The challenge of finding success from inside the cave. (Yikes)