We’ll Be Right Back After This Message

Today is a travel day. My posts at Cave Dweller might be a little spotty for the next couple of weeks as I tour the Highlands with my family but I’ll do my best to keep in touch. Unsocial tendencies aside, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know many of my readers over the past few weeks and I’m looking forward to a long, continuing friendship with all of you–from my cave to yours.

Have fun while I’m gone. Read a good book (you might find one you’ll like to the left), get some rest, leave me a comment about what’s going on in your world. To quote one of my favorite movies, “I’ll be back!”

Next stop: Glasgow!

3 responses to “We’ll Be Right Back After This Message

  1. Mike Kasperowicz

    Have a great trip


  2. First, I would like to say, Have a great trip, you will be missed and I will increase the entries into my blog to make up for your absence. Second and most important, because like Will McAvoy, I worry about our getting back to “Civility, respect and a return to what’s important.” Did you see newsroom last night? If not here’s a recap Maggie is …
    Just kidding, I’ll let you catch up in your own time! Nobody mention what happened to Will until cavedweller has confirmed she has seen it!
    Just messing with you, I’m jealous! Have fun and share a lot of pics along the road!
    Live Well and Be Safe never careful!


  3. So JEALOUS! Safe travels to you all! Chris you watched Newroom with out me?


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