Martin Vane Says Hello

Martin Vane Says Hello
We don’t always get what we want in life. We work hard to overcome our demons, we struggle to make a happy life for ourselves and our families, and in the midst of it all, life happens. It takes a turn that we didn’t see coming and we are left holding the broken pieces of our dreams in our hands, waiting to wake up.
When a tragic accident takes the lives of his wife and daughter, Fitz Cummings goes into hiding–within himself. Although his life goes on, Fitz creates a gray existence that keeps him alive and breathing but detached from his daughter, his friends, his work, and his world.
A chance meeting with the mysterious Martin Vane turns Fitz’s reality inside out and forces him to come to terms with the truth of life: We Are One.
What Readers are Saying about Martin Vane Says Hello
“This book is an amazing insight into the human experience. Colleen Sayre’s character of Fitz is me, he is all of us. Someone lost in the past and just existing in the present. His story reminds us all that we truly are individuals yet at the same time we are all One. No one person goes it alone and by taking steps in whichever direction fate pulls us, we need on another to make it all work.  “We are one.” A simple phrase of words that once we let them sink in, can unleash a stream of thought that can change the way in which the world is forever seen. MARTIN VANE SAYS HELLO is one of those books that you won’t put down once you pick it up. I highly recommend anyone who questions our place in the world or just wants to read a great book pick this up and spread the word.”          ( reader)

2 responses to “Martin Vane Says Hello

  1. Dena Marie Grant

    Oh wow! I just read the summary and readers comments on what this book is about. That is soooo me! Lost in the past and just existing….seriously I think a lot of people can identify with this book. I really need to pass this on!


    • Thanks for your comment, Dena. I think you’ll like MARTIN VANE SAYS HELLO. I’m getting a very good response from readers and critics. You can download a copy for Kindle at or in other formats at Smashwords. It’s also available in paperback at I hope you’ll read it and then let me know what you think.:)


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